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y heart si●ng from morning to night.It gave a motive▓, an object, to my life—made me feel that ●I was working to a purpose, that I should ha▓ve my reward.I had been growing hard and indiff●erent, ev

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en indifferent to music.B●ut now I began to love my musi▓c more than ever: and no matter how ●tired I might be, when I had a moment of l●eisure I would sit down and pra▓ctice so as to be able to play well ●fo

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r you.Music seemed to express all the unutt▓erable feeling that you inspired me with.One da▓y I had sung the Ave Maria of C●herubini to you, and you said, ‘●It is so religious—it expresses precis▓ely the emo


then you ●came, and e


very thing was altered.D●o you remember in the Creation the won▓derful a

tions one experiences in a▓ church.’ But for me it expressed rather the e▓motions a woman has when she is in the presenc▓e of

the man she loves.All the time I had no i●dea that you would ever feel in the same way t▓oward me.” My kisses sile▓nced her

.Afterward she sang from Pergo▓lese’s Stabat Mater, and pl●ayed a medley of bits from Chopin: un▓til, looking at my watch, I ?/p>

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